This Privacy Policy is intended for users of site and is provided only for that site and not to other Web sites accessed via links and describes the methods of acquisition, use, storage and protection of personal data of users themselves. Personal data are defined as "any information regarding individuals identified or who can be identified through other information, for example, through a number or ID." The data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 on protection of personal data ( "Code") and, in accordance with Article 13 of the Privacy Code, we inform 'member of the following:

1. Holder of the treatment The owner of the personal information provided through this site is FRANCOPUGI S.r.l.s. (P.I. 06722220487), with registered offices in Firenze (50144 - FI), Viale F.lli Rosselli 29, and operational headquarters in Via le L. Ariosto 492/B, 50019, Sesto Fiorentino (Fi), (here in after, for brevity, FRANCOPUGI), which operates as the owner and licensee of FRANCOPUGI FLORENCE brand.
2. Nature of data and purpose of treatment Personal data processed by FRANCOPUGI are the personal data (name, address and contact details for the single shipment), e-mail address as well as any user name and password while any bank details (for example, coordinate or credit card information) will be processed through PayPal's server (for more information we invite you to consult the privacy policy to the web webapps / mPP / ua / Policy-full).
User data is collected and used by FRANCOPUGI only for purposes directly related to the above site (for example, for recording), its services and sale of products via the web site (in relation therefore to all the requirements for the completion, execution and control of the performance of the commercial contract), as well as to fulfill the obligations required by law, regulation or by legislation and for the exercise of their rights in court, ensuring FRANCOPUGI has the highest level of security in the management of these forms of data in particular with the web site

The user can accept to receive information from FRANCOPUGI via e-mail or other contact details. user information (home address, telephone number) provided by registratoin in that forum, newsletter, communications and commercial proposals and / or related to the services offered via the website indicated. You can deny such authorization initially at registration, choosing the appropriate box, and then through a cancellation request at the bottom of the newsletter. The option does not cause any effect on service delivery. With reference to the data recorded by FRANCOPUGI, the user may exercise the rights recognized in its favor by art. 7 of the Privacy Code, by sending a request to that effect to the email FRANCOPUGI It also notes that, in accordance with this Privacy Policy, FRANCOPUGI may disclose personal information strictly necessary (for example, personal and / or delivery) for the execution of any contract of sale entered into and / or the provision of services connected and related topics that deal with transportation or services .FRANCOPUGI performance. In particular, the data may be disclosed to: (i) persons, companies or professional offices who carry out assistance, advice or collaboration with FRANCOPUGI on accounting, administrative, legal, tax and financial (II) subjects delegated and / or committed to the FRANCOPUGI implementation of activities or part of activities related to the sale of services, such as, for example, customer service; Shipping carriers of charge, delivery and the possible return of goods purchased by the user; any other external partners whose communication is necessary for the proper fulfillment of obligations assumed by Franco PUGI with the user.
3. The e-mail module site of "CUSTOMER SERVICE" allows interested users to request information about our services and organization of events, providing information such as, name, phone number and e-mail address by filling in the ' form. These data will be used, including the use of IT tools, agents and / or engaged by, FRANCOPUGI only to respond to your request. Personal data entered in the form is necessary for the 'execution of the request and are used by FRANCOPUGI to provide a better service to the user and to send promotional and / or advertising communications. The user may at any time request the cancellation of the data provided by sending request to the e -mail
4. 'Service send to a friend' The person who intends to use the "Send to a friend" by clicking on the "Send to a friend," is obliged to obtain the prior consent of the recipient of the communication e-mail to this 'last in FRANCOPUGI the sole purpose of sending the invitation to register on the site indicated and / or to receive the report of a service or product offered by the above website. You have the same obligation towards third parties for which the data delivery are used for the execution of the contract and / or services requested and are therefore no different from those of users. The user is also obliged to inform third parties, as described in this privacy policy, being solely responsible for the communication of information and data about third parties without those it has specifically requested, and for their use improper or contrary to law. And 'expressly forbidden to use the system to conduct a so-called' spam 'or intended to violate the privacy of other persons not directly involved or otherwise conduct contrary to the law and the moral FRANCOPUGI. Do not take any decision on the sending of such messages, but only execute user instructions. The message will be delivered to the recipient immediately after the request to send, so there will be no change to the address specified by the user applicant. It informs the user that the message sending service is handled according to standard safety requirements FRANCOPUGI use user data sent only to send the instant message without registration, use and any further processing of data for other purposes.
5. Policy on mobile devices The provisions of this Privacy Policy for users also refer to other types of access to the website that is shown via mobile and / or the use of mobile devices in which, therefore, we will refer to this Privacy Policy for visitors.

6. Conservation and editing of personal data Personal data collected will last no longer than necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected with respect to civil obligations and tax regulations. To ensure that personal data is always accurate and up to date, relevant and complete FRANCOPUGI send you to report any changes to the following email address

7. Safety measures FRANCOPUGI claims to have adopted security measures to minimize the risk of destruction or loss, even accidental, of data, unauthorized access or treatment not allowed or not in accordance with the collection purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy. However FRANCOPUGI can not guarantee its users that the measures taken for the security of the website and the transmission of data and information on prevent or exclude any risk of unauthorized access or loss of data. So is your responsiibility to ensure your computer or mobile device used to access the above web site is equipped with software devices for the protection of the network transmission of data, both incoming and outgoing (such as updated antivirus systems) and that the Internet service provider used by the user has taken appropriate measures for the security of the data transmission network (such as firewalls and anti-spam filters).
8. Close account the user's request and in accordance with the provisions of this section, FRANCOPUGI will close the account and the applicant as soon as possible, remove the personal data. The data may, however, be provided on request of the authorities and police forces for the sake of justice.

9. Changes and updates to this Privacy Policy FRANCOPUGI can modify and / or update all or part of this Privacy Policy in view to a possible amendment of laws or regulations that govern this matter and protect the rights of users. Changes and / or updates will be notified to users on the homepage of the early introduced and will be binding once posted on the website in this section. It therefore invites the user to regularly access this section to verify the publication of the most recent and updated Privacy Policy of



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